About The Event

Naughty French Lessons for Adults

We hold adults only French language classes, that are definitely not for the uptight or prudish. Yes, we will teach you French, but you will learn with a drink in hand, and have fun doing it.

Our topics are a little naughty, and certainly adult only. You will learn the words and phases we need to meet people and to *ahem* "enjoy" their company. Think of sentences that start with "I need you to" or "I want to", or body parts, and especially adult-playtime activities. Hell, we even cover how to swear in French.

Our classes are designed to be fun, relaxed, interactive, as well as educational. We want you to meet people. And don't forget, its BYO alcohol.

Classes are designed as standalone session, with 2 hours course content plus time to meet other students. Light food provided, all content notes are included. Just bring yourself (and some beer or wine).

Food provided

Bring your own alcohol

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Just an FYI...

While our classes are fun and interactive, it must be stressed that THIS IS A CLASS TO LEARN HOW TO SPEAK FRENCH. It is not a strip or sex club, we are not performing (or teaching people how to perform). We will not tolerant any behaviour that makes us, or our students, feel uncomfortable in any way. If we deem your attitude to be inappropriate, abusive, or simply unpleasant you will immediately be asked to leave.

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